Are Candidates TRUSTING You?

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – – CEO

Do Candidates TRUST your brand?

How would you know?

What Business Intelligence metrics are in place and are being tracked to prove what you believe?

  • Do you even know which metrics should be tracked?
  • Have you asked yourself and your Talent Acquisition organization why are the Career site visits are down year after year?
  • What affect has Social Media played in our Career site visits?
  • Do you or your Team know the answers to any of this?

What happens if your CFO asks?

Perhaps, your CFO has already asked why are our Candidate campaign costs rising, yet we are not seeing more Candidate traffic coming to the career site or getting more Applies?

Here is the challenge I see in the Talent Acquisition industry and I sense it is also a significant hurdle for your Talent Acquisition organization as well.

There are currently three distinct Candidate Business Intelligence silos.

Silo #1: Start tracking metrics from the beginning of a job campaign and/or from a visit to your Corporate Career pages.

Silo #2: Track applicant data through your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Pages. When Candidates Apply through your ATS, you need to know where is the Candidate defection, on which page and how to improve or optimize the Candidate Apply experience?

Silo #3: Out of the ATS Candidates are teed up for your hiring process, but have you identified your hiring process metrics? For instance, how optimized and efficient is your hiring process?

Where are the challenges? Three distinct data collection silos, but none of them talking to each other.  And the result is you can’t get to the details of your Cost Per Hire or where to improve this metric.

You may already be feeling the pressure from your CFO to lower your Cost Per Hire or Cost Per Headcount. The challenge is how to do it when you do not have the right social platform for Business Intelligence and one that reaches across all three data silos.

And there is one more point, do you have analysts to steer the data waters?

At SourceMob we have been assisting our Clients for years to navigate their Business Intelligence road map through all three silos. Our Social Business Intelligence platform is designed to identify where you can save money and as a result, lower your Cost Per Hire.

Additionally, many companies outsource this Business Intelligence analysis to SourceMob and as such, we highlight: where your company can lower Cost Per Hire; decreases in cost of defection; increases in the Candidate experience, which all lead to more Applies, more Hires and a lower Cost Per Hire.

The end game in using Business Intelligence is to determine and do more of what works and less of what doesn’t, which for example, may be doing less Candidate advertising.

SourceMob can either plug our Talent Acquisition Business Intelligence (TABI) solutions into your Talent Acquisition and/or we can teach you how to improve your campaign metrics or you may ask us to do the Business Intelligence for you.

Whichever way, we are all about making sure Candidates (especially Passive ones) are netted for your business at a lower Cost Per Higher and a demonstrable Return On Investment that any CFO would understand and enjoy!

How many other solution vendors are even discussing Cost Per Hire or ROI with you?

Additionally, we help our clients develop and steer their social road map, which helps further reduce Talent Acquisition defection, provides a better Candidate application experience through our Social Solutions, and which ultimately drives higher Apply rates. 

Let’s schedule a virtual appointment at your convenience. Simply reach me by email at or by phone at 612-349-2740.



Jeffery Giesener



Twitter: @SourceMob