American Spirit

Ten years doesn’t seem like a very long time, but when it comes to the evolution of digital technology, a decade is a very, very long time. In fact we think about time as 1:6. For every day online counts for 6 days offline.

From a post yesterday by Peter Stringer: In September of 2001, text messaging was basically non-existent in the United States, and the smart phone (remember the term “PDA”?) was in its infancy. In fact, the cell phone itself had yet to deeply penetrate American life the way it would over the next few years. But even that fateful day, as I left work in the early afternoon as everyone tried to make sense of the morning’s events, placing phone call was nearly impossible. Connecting to the cellular network was extremely difficult in the hours following the tragedy, and even if you could connect, you’d get busy signals, or misdirected calls. Had it been 2011, my wife would have likely posted on her Facebook page that she wasn’t on the plane, giving relief to many of us who couldn’t reach her for hours. She could have sent a mass text to her friends and family. It would have saved many of us several hours of fearing the worst. To this day, I haven’t forgotten the feeling of opening the apartment door and seeing her on the couch.

Yesterday was a Day of American Spirit. Here is a online video that I created and produce for the first anniversary of 9/11 please feel free to share it with your friends and family.