ADP reported that 92% of Fortune 1000 companies do not have a recruiting strategy

An average number days an IT job stayed open in 2014 was 47 days according to ERE. At $400 per day that’s a loss of revenue of $18,800 just for one individual.

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  • ADP reported that 92% of Fortune 1000 companies do not have a recruiting strategy
  • eMarketer reports that in 2014 the number of mobile phones hit 4.55 billion globally.
  • The expensive cost of a “Quick Quit” is three times the Hire’s salary

Does your Company have a formal Recruiting Strategy? If you are in that 92% of the firms in the Fortune 1000, you don’t, according to APD. Without an effective strategy are you flying blind?

Something to think about…In 1996 Amazon launched with a laser sharp strategy to sell books online. The large brick-n-mortar stars like Barnes and Nobile and Borders Books laughed at the idea. Recently Jeff Bezos spoke to Bloomberg and said at the beginning he had challenges raising his first million in funding. Today with a host of disruptive technologies at play, they are a $88 Billion company.

What has 2014 taught us about Social and Mobile Recruiting?

  1. Connecting with the Passive Candidate is all about relevancy! That means reaching the right Candidate in the right place with the right and timely job post and conversation, so your brand communications are welcomed instead of a nuisance.

Candidates do have job choices when it comes for whom they will work for, especially Passive Candidates. And make no mistake about it, if you as a company are not currently in the social and mobile recruiting space, your best candidates will be finding and entering into recruiting conversations with your competitors.

  1. We also all know that most Talent advertising budgets are not endless – so, savvy Talent Acquisition Pros are turning to Business Intelligence, Analytics and the right social and mobile recruiting solutions to help them determine where to spend their recruiting dollars to hire the most desirable candidates.

Using the right Business Intelligence and social/mobile recruiting solutions will put you on solid footing to know your candidate, what makes them apply and or follow your company’s job posts and conversations.

But none of this makes much sense if you can’t determine how to turn these applies into hires and make these candidate stick with your company.

Crunching the Data

It is well known that your employees are critical to the success of an effective recruiting process, but often employee referrals based on monetary rewards just don’t cut it anymore in the “Age of Skepticism.” But that doesn’t mean your employees do not want to help you fill your openings and find the best Candidates. They do! That’s why Social and Mobile Recruiting done the right way, is the perfect answer to net Passive Candidates who you don’t know, but your employees do.

Triggering Social and Mobile Recruiting through your employee networks reduces costs, fill jobs faster and you will find that your new hires will stay with your company longer. Did you know that statistically, it costs more than 3 times the salary to replace a “Quick Quit?” A hire that leaves prematurely.

So to maximize the unique benefits of Social and Mobile Recruiting let’s have a virtual chat. You will learn how you can deploy Social and Mobile Recruiting solutions that lower your Cost Per Hire and get more Passive Candidates to fit within your culture and stay longer.

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