74% of Workers Are Passive Job Seekers

Finding Passive Candidates…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – CEO – SourceMob.com

Survey: 74% of Workers Are Passive Job Seekers

A “silent majority” of passive job seekers are lurking…

According to a study by Harris 74% of employed full time/part time workers would consider a new job opportunity. This shouldn’t surprise you but there is something hidden in this poll.

According to Harris, “after several years of recession marked by widespread layoffs, benefit reductions, and pay cuts, many assume U.S. workers would be singing ‘I can’t get no satisfaction,’ and actively hunting for new jobs. While certainly true for many, the survey indicates that most workers are satisfied or very satisfied with their current employment, and only about a quarter have an updated profile or resume on a job board or networking site like LinkedIn or Monster.”

It’s also not news to most Recruiters that the conventional hiring process is set up to deal with Active Candidates. What should be news is that Candidates in the current job environment have not updated their profiles, which diminishes the recruiting process. This is one of the reasons why it is increasingly difficult to find Passive Candidates and why what used to work isn’t working as well today.

At SourceMob.com We Focus On The Passive Candidate

So how does SourceMob.com help you attract Passive Candidates? The key is to use Social Career Centers that we build for you on all the major Social and Mobile Networks. We then auto-populate your jobs and distribute social content, which will generate awareness of your company among Passive candidates before they’re ready to start searching. And what better way to get mindshare with your potential Candidates than to leverage Social and Mobile Media to create conversations and engagement. That way, when your Passive Candidate makes a decision to look for another position, you’ll be top of mind when he/she is ready to consider a job change.

Personal, Social and Mobile Networks are the most the most common ways Passive job seekers learn about new employment opportunities. Almost 73% of all Passive job seekers who responded to a WetFeet.com survey said they relied heavily on their personal and Social Networks to gain information about potential employers.

Leveraging Social and Mobile Networks are perfect ways to get the Passive Candidates attention. But here is the interesting part. Only about 30 percent of all Passive Candidates said they had investigated employment opportunities at a company after seeing an employment-related ad. Almost as many 28% had investigated employment after seeing a general, non-employment-related ad.

Finally, 24% of all Passive Candidates surveyed said that they used news media to learn about potential employers. So over 52% of potential Passive Candidates saw non-job related content and this content had a significant impact in attracting not only customers or clients to your company, but the Passive Candidate as well.

What this all points to is what I have been coaching on for years. It is not just the job posts that unearth the Passive Candidate but more importantly by providing relevant and focused company content distributed into Social and Mobile Career Networks the company creates the ability to engage in relevant personal and word of mouth conversations that drive Passive Candidate hires.

Engage and Converse using SourceMob…

At SourceMob we help you engage with your Passive Candidate through our suite of Candidate Conversations Solutions.

  • We will build your Social Career Centers that engage in Candidate conversations
  • We Auto-pilot your job content without the use of your IT Team or any HR Program Management
  • We distribute Social and Mobile content
  • We help you source your Passive Candidates who are not easy to find
  • We help you grow your HR focused Facebook Likes and Twitter and Google+ Followers
  • We enable you to have on going Social and Mobile conversations and engagement with all your Candidates and get them hired

To learn more simply ring me up at 612-349-2740 or email me at mailto:jeff@sourcemob.com for a conversation and short virtual presentation. Visit our website at SourceMob.com to learn more.



Jeffery Giesener