7 HR Trends To Watch For In 2015

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – SourceMob.com – CEO

This is the first installment of a two-part posting.

Are you looking for some secret sauce for achieving better recruiting? Well wait no more! Below is a list of 7 ideas that will positively change the direction of your Talent Acquisition in the age of Social and Mobile Recruiting in 2015.

Focus On Your Candidate

High performing, world-class recruiting organizations focus first on their candidates and their candidate experience. Why is that critical? Candidates are the lifeblood of any organization. Consider this… If you look at your candidate as your customer, then the stats that come out of the Ecommerce world will be very impactful to your 2015 recruiting strategy.

  • 90% of dissatisfied customers will not engage or ever buy again. (Research Institute of America)
  • However, only 4% of dissatisfied customers will bother to complain (so for every one complaint you hear, 24 others go unheard). (ibid)
  • Dissatisfied customers tell an average of nine others about their dissatisfaction. (ibid)
  • 68% of dissatisfied customers who quit doing business with an organization do so because of company indifference. Essentially, the company didn’t take the time to listen and hear the customer’s need or complaint. (ibid)
  • Engaged customers are 68% more likely to increase purchases than neutral or disengaged customers. (Forrester)

In a nutshell, engaged candidates will positively impact your bottom line and promote organizational vitality and sustainability.

How to Insure Recruiting Improvement

What are some of the best practices that ensure your organization is focused on candidates during your recruiting process? Consider these seven and reflect on whether your organization is doing them:

  • Engage with your candidates! Have effective conversations with them! Acknowledge them! Build processes that systematically capture the voice of your candidates. Use social recruiting methods (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) and implement mobile campaigns using more than just LinkedIn. This enables 2-way candidate engagement that encourages recruiting communication which satisfies – or exceeds – candidate expectations.
  • Anticipate key candidate requirements and changing expectations. It is not only about satisfying today’s requirements, but also staying one step ahead of competitors in identifying and responding to emerging candidate trends. As mobile is the future of recruiting, are your career pages mobile enabled and does the apply process work on smartphones and tablets? The ability to pinch and zoom are not enough to make these pages work for your candidates in 2015. You still must provide a true mobile apply experience for the candidate. Google has indicated that more than 70% of searches are already done on a mobile device. Have you looked at what your candidate experience is like? ERE.net also indicates there is 40-90% defection from mobile candidates on existing career pages and within current Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). The combination of these two metrics is earth shattering and budget busters to any talent acquisition effort and to those who own the budgets.
  • Design candidate listening posts so that they vary for different segments of your candidate populations and/or across the various stages of their recruiting relationship with you. For instance, new candidate applies have different engagement needs than those candidates that have been in your talent pipeline for a while.
  • Manage your candidate questions. Ensure that they are answered in a timely fashion and provide the candidate with more than canned responses. Remember that engagement and true real-time conversation is the norm in the era of social and mobile recruiting.
  • Measure candidate satisfaction and engagement. Use 3rd party analytics to measure your defection and drop off from your Career Pages and from your ATS. Do you know your analytics and bounce rates? You must also manage your own analytics. Don’t make the mistake of having another department manage your analytics for you. Make sure you check your key metrics such as opens, visits, costs of applies and hires, with frequency. In fact, do you have an ROI Calculator to know your campaign costs and how to optimize them?
  • Unfortunately, even satisfied candidates may still defect, so measure their satisfaction and engagement levels. Find out how interested they are in working for your organization. How willing they are to stay connected and wait for the “right” job?
  • Segment your candidate audiences into appropriate communities and engage in communication campaigns on a regular basis to attract them into applying.

Would you like to find out how SourceMob can help you improve your recruiting excellence and deliver the above recruiting best practices for your 2015 Talent Acquisition plan? Simply send me an email at Jeff@sourcemob.com or call 612-349-2740 and learn how we can provide you with a better candidate experience while also dramatically lowering your recruiting costs.



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