5 Ways You Should Change Your HR Marketing in 2015

Have you given much thought to the changes that are coming in the HR Marketing space? While it’s always easiest to assume things will remain the same, it rarely happens that way. Paying close attention to the following five trends will help your company better engage and capture more qualified candidates faster. They will also help you lower your recruiting cost.

Analytics and ROI Drives More HR Decision Making

If I could make one overriding recommendation for 2015, it would be to get a decent third-party social and mobile analytic system in place. Make sure your talent acquisition department is running its own analytics. Don’t rely on your marketing or IT departments to supply metrics to your team. Make sure your analytics are also on-demand. If all you’re using is the data provided by Google Adwords or a third-party analytic package like Google Analytics, you’re missing out on valuable social and mobile data.

Suppose a candidate clicks on one of your Facebook posts or ads from his work computer and spends hours browsing your site, only to go home, click one of your Adwords ads, and make the apply. Only the Adwords ad will get credit for the apply conversion, driving up your customer acquisition costs and failing to validate your Facebook ad with at least partial credit for the apply. Is this happening to you? Do you even know?

However, using SourceMob.com’s RORI™ Calculator makes social and mobile ROI analytics much easier for your team. Study up on the analytics/ROI subject and be prepared to add it to your list of requirements for the second half of 2015.

Using Humor Will Bring Gains in HR Branding

Humor is already more likely to go viral, but it’s usually used in a non-informative, non-professional context. Talent Acquisition and HR executives who want to get noticed should begin using humor in their content strategy.

Millennials are a researching generation, but they also want to enjoy the job search process. Adding humor to what is typically a painful process is the perfect opportunity to attract passive millennial candidates. Studies show they are also more likely to respond to humor, transparency and vulnerability, than to a formal job pitch by a recruiter..

Small and medium-sized businesses can especially benefit from this trend, since they have more flexibility in defining and messaging their career brands than larger corporations. Brands that take advantage of humor find their recruiting efforts reaching their target audience — and even being welcomed by otherwise cynical candidates. Make sure your HR Branding also takes the candidate into consideration. What is in it for them to join your organization must be called out.

Content Is King

How much content are your producing? Well, I guarantee if you aren’t, your marketing department is. Why not repurpose their content for your candidates’ use. Cutting through the noise online to bring existing blog posts, Infographics and videos to candidates’ attention may require third-party assistance. But that shouldn’t deter you. Make sure you involve your Hiring Manager in generating content. And sprinkle relevant keywords into your content.

The result of focusing on consumption and a candidates’ reaction to content will increase in the importance candidates finding your jobs on the key search engines and within social search. When you have to invest money to get your message in front of candidates, you want to make sure you fully test each message so you get the most ROI. Analytics skills won’t just be nice to have — they’ll be essential for anyone in the digital recruiting space in 2015/2016.

Will Your Career Mobile Efforts Be Dropping Candidate Applies in 2015?

Your candidates are extremely connected to their smartphones and tablet devices, and it’s expected that this trend will continue and expand. According to MediaBistro, roughly 80 percent of phone owners have their devices with them 22 hours every day, so if your career site doesn’t display well on these devices, you’re missing out on tons of opportunities to connect with candidates. Plus, you may be facing between 40 to 90 percent candidate defection, according to Indeed and ERE.net. Yes, this drives staggering and expensive hidden costs to your talent acquisition budget. So, design all of your media outreach, career webpages, infographics and video clips to display appropriately on any mobile device — and if your current creative agency or service provider doesn’t have this kind of dynamic ability, give SourceMob Media Services an email at info@sourcemob.com. We are all over this to the benefits of our clients.

Marketing in the HR/Talent Acquisition space is constantly changing, and you owe it to your career brand and candidates to provide the best online, community, social and mobile experience you can.

Why not see how the recruiting power of social, community, social employee referrals and mobile will work for you, even in the toughest of job categories. To learn more simply reach out to me directly at jeff@sourcemob.com or at 952-417-6955 or LinkedIn


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