5 Cover Letter Red Flags for Employers

By Susan M. Heathfield

Want to know the cover letter red flags that should capture your attention when you review job applications? The cover letter is an integral component of a job searcher’s job application materials.

Sent with the resume when a job searcher applies for a job, the cover letter enhances the credentials of a qualified applicant – or not. Smart job searchers recognize that the cover letter is an opportunity to point out the connection between their skills and experience and the requirements in your job posting.

How you review a cover letter and what you want to see in an effective cover letter is a topic I’ve addressed frequently. Cover letters should matter to employers. They are both an opportunity for an applicant to put her professional best foot forward and an elimination tool for the employer.

Your cover letter review can quickly eliminate unqualified applicants. Earlier I pointed out five red flags for employers during resume review. The topic proved so popular that I published five more resume review red flags. Let’s add to your red flag collection: these are the red flags that should get your attention when you review an applicant’s cover letter that accompanies a resume or other job application materials.

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