15 Last Minute Sales Ideas for Holidays from ShoppeSimple

The following components comprise the ShoppeSimple Program.  All of these components or a combination of their choosing is provided to participants in the ShoppeSimple program for a single monthly fee.  Every business is unique so some of these components may be more effective for one ShoppeSimple participant than they are for another.  All participants, however, are guaranteed that their ShoppeSimple experience will result in a positive impact on their business, or they don’t pay.  That’s our service guarantee. Plus we can still deliver these Social and Mobile tools for your business and none of them will take up your IT time or require you to burden your site.

To insure success, the ShoppeSimple program is supported by a Relationship Management and Marketing Services Teams which will provide best practice recommendations to help implement the right combination of components for your business and provide marketing support for the program.  Both are designed to drive additional brand awareness and viral marketing for your business. Our goal is to help your business achieve social and mobile commerce success however you/we collectively choose to define it.


ShoppeSimple Component Benefit
1.     Socialize Email (opens),

2.     All Trigger Based Emails


Strengthen email opens with easily updatable product offers.
3. Socialize Email (non-opens) Target email non-opens with special offers to increase open rate and click through to a purchase.
4. Socialize Home Page Give consumers the ability to pre-select the specific product offers they want to see when they come to your site.  They can customize their view of your product categories, images, and descriptions to make your consumer experience more targeted andrelevant to their unique interests which will make their shopping experience more enjoyable and more productive for both consumer and merchant.
5. Social targeted Category product offers Merchants can create special product category pages that can be merchandised on the fly making it easy for consumers to preselect offers they want to receive by product category which they’ll be more likely to buy.
6. Social Shopping Cart


Provide additional relevant offers during the shopping cart experience.
7.Socialize Check-Out/

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Provide additional special offers through remarketing efforts by email or ad targeting to reach out with a special offer(s) to consumers who abandon carts and get them to reconsider the purchase plus upsell with related offers.
8. Facebook Shop Tab Provide Facebook store where members can easily share product offers with their fan base which leads to more sales. Consumers can share your products with their friends, comment and Like your products.
9. Mobile Email Configure your email and website for m-commerce quickly so you can easily evaluate the m-commerce opportunity for your company with minimal upfront investment and risk.  Through our deep analytics you will be able to track all the relevant and critical mobile metrics. This is a perfect solution to bridge the gap today between deciding on whether to build 4 major Software Apps for (iPhone/Droid/Blackberry/iPad or completely mobile enable your website.  You will quickly be able to judge ROI.
10. Transactional Content Store Develop your relationship with book club members by providing relevant content for student, teacher and parent.  Create a healthy dialog with your consumers by allowing them to choose content categories that are of interest to them.  Dynamically populate content based on consumer demand and surround content with commerce.
11. Customized Real Time Banners Dynamically merchandise special individual products in banners on the See Deals page to strengthen the shopping experience.
12. You Tube Video Strengthen your brand by promoting more products through You Tube videos which can be easily posted on the See Deals page for quick reference by consumers.
13. Twitter Selling Post product offers on your Twitter account to create more product exposure for Twitter followers who may now choose to buy while they tweet.


ShoppeSimple.com Shopping Portal To become an increasingly bigger source for new customer acquisition through the cooperative strength of consumers preselecting themselves to receive specific product offers from many different merchants of their choosing.
Subscriptions/Bookmarks to MyHome Page (Google/Yahoo) and Hub Page Provide a clear process for subscribing to product offers to be received on the consumer’s Home Page or on the Branded Merchant Hub Page.


e-Bounceback Program


Provide the opportunity to receive another order from a consumer who has just checked out. Now provide public or non-public offers to this highly valued customer.