$10 in and $13 out…ideas from ShoppeSimple Network.

From:  Jeffery Giesener – CEO – ShoppeSimple Network

During a strategy meeting last week the topic of discussion went something like this: Would you invest in a marketing technology if for every $10 you invested you would get $13 back in less than 30 days?  In other words; invest $10 and get back $13 dollars. This is like going up to an ATM and putting a $10 bill in and getting $13 bucks back. At first it would surprise or shock you and perhaps if you’re like most people you would find another $10 and see if this would happen again. So what would you do if it did happen again and again and again?

But the BIGGER question is would you continue to put the $10 in the machine and take the $13 back into your business?

Sidebar: Interesting enough you have been reading my blog posts for several months now and I haven’t seen an email ping or gotten a phone call from you, so I am wondering why you’ve decided not to contact me and learn more about how The ShoppeSimple Network can directly assist your business. Are you the person who decided not to keep putting the $10 into the ATM?

This is exactly the case study of Social and Mobile marketing simplified. It is unfortunately the opportunity you have passed up on to date and if you would have moved ahead during the holidays you would be enjoying a completely new revenue stream for your business. At least this is exactly what each of our clients are experiencing. Yes, and I can say this without any concern, every client in the ShoppeSimple Network program has seen a minimum of this 30% return in 30 days or a 360% annualized return

Here are some client milestones you may want to consider and ones that can be working for your business

๏     A client hit the $2,300,000 mark in social commerce sales after less than 6 months in the program. 40,400 consumers buying an additional order and 13% buying 2+ orders

๏     Client launched before Thanksgiving sold $475,000 in social commerce sales. 5,380 orders at a 38% increase in average order

๏     Client hit $296,000 in m-commerce sales in just 75 days. 1,816 orders at $162 average order up 25%

So if you are still not connecting to the above, let me allow you to see how Social and Mobile Commerce will work for your business through a different lens.

Ø  Every order, which comes through The ShoppeSimple Network, is captured and now you have a new identified buyer segment for Social and Mobile Commerce… Do you currently have any other program that is doing this for you?

Ø  Consumers through The ShoppeSimple Network have told you what they want to be sold… do you have another program doing this for you?

Ø  Do you have a totally permission-based Pull, Place, Buy and Share program that is welcomed by your consumer and that delivers relevant content to them multiple times a day, 365 days a year on any of the following social and mobile platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Mobile smartphones, iGoogle and MyYahoo home pages and the ShoppeSimpleNetwork Portals?

Now what makes all of this happen and happen so quickly (in 30 days or less) is consumers want a social and mobile commerce experience. They want to engage with your brand, have a conversation and they want you to listen to them. They have been wondering where has your business been regarding Social and Mobile? That is the consistent voice we hear from consumer after consumer in the program.

Merchants once in the program say…”only if I would have started using The ShoppeSimple Network sooner”.

And after all of the above, we guarantee you will get your $10 in and $13 back we have made an introduction to The ShoppeSimple Network so simple, efficient and affordable you just can’t say no to doing a trial. If I am reading your mind…don’t worry you can set your renewal program terms up front so you won’t get hurt. Working with us is really that simple and easy.

Other merchants are jumping into our Introductory Trial Program and now is the time for you to do it too.

Bottom line is all we want to do is make your business successful with Social and Mobile Commerce and as the Leader in the space we will put our skin in the game to prove it.

So simply ping me or ring me up at 612-349-2740 and your ShoppeSimple Network program will be up and running under our best practices in less than 10 days.



PS. If You Could Get A 30% Return In 30 Days Why Wouldn’t You Do It?