SourceMob’s Talent Community is a portal for both candidates and recruiters to directly engage in two-way communication, potentially in real-time. SourceMob’s Talent Community comes with a powerful CRM solution which extends your candidate engagement opportunities. Now you are in a position to segment your audiences by job category, location, keyword or any other data attribute.

SourceMob’s Career Alerts enable candidates to preselect jobs and locations and receive notifications when their specific criteria is matched with an available position. Think of Career Alerts as the™ for jobs. Your job postings will be sent to candidates via mobile text, on Facebook Timeline posts, LinkedIn Timeline posts, Twitter, and through email distribution. This solution allows for passive candidates to easily follow your jobs.

Yes. They can add their own personal information onto their Talent Community Profile. Our LinkedIn Profile button allows candidates to quickly download their own LinkedIn profile data to populate their Talent Community Profile too.  Additionally, we can take a data export from your ATS and import the data into your Talent Community in a permissioned process. This will give you access to all of your candidates in one location. That is usually one of the first things we do with a new Core client. Clients may then use our Media Services (optional) to create unique branded communications to reach candidates on a monthly basis and invite them to join the Talent Community. This has proven to be very effective in establishing the future pipeline.

They can sign up for alerts through various ways including email, text notification, and social channel notifications.

We can customize your internal notes in the Talent Community or the associated CRM to be visible by all users or we can implement individual viewing rules determined by the user. These rules are set by the Admin “Super User” and you can have multiple levels of user access. Additionaly, candidates can see only their own Talent Community Profile information.

We do not put our logos on our solutions. In the CRM and on all of the Career pages, it will look as though you are logging into your branded career system.

Yes, we can pull jobs directly from both your website and your existing ATS using proprietary scripting technology and post them to your career social pages and mobile devices. SourceMob can also work with all of the leading ATS technologies to automatically post jobs to your social career channels.

Yes. By using our Mobile DirectApply™ solution, your mobile candidates can apply directly to your ATS. We support all leading Applicant Tracking Systems.

Our Solutions are compatible with any well-known open API Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Mobile recruiting has already highly penetrated the entire world. Therefore candidates now require receiving and experiencing our technology on their mobile devices (smartphone and tablets). Our 30+ recruiting solutions all work incredibly well for our domestic and international clients and their candidates.

Google indicates that in 2013 that more than 70% of its searches for jobs were being done on a mobile device. Currently, there are more than 200 million users on LinkedIn (30% on mobile), 650 million on Twitter (50% on mobile), 1 billion on Google+ (60% on mobile), and 1.2 billion on Facebook (78% on mobile).

Recruiters can manage their career social pages or your company can outsource social management to SourceMob’s Media Services department. If desired, our skilled Social Media Team will assist you with Career page maintenance, event marketing, promoting your employer brand, and monitoring your sites.  Contact your Account Manager for details on our Media Services.

We can put an approval setting on your pages that allows the admin to approve any post to be seen by the public. Our Media Services team can tackle this project for you as well.

This is a great example of how clients may use our Media Services division. You can build lists in our segmented candidate area by any job attribute in our Campaign Relationship Management (CRM) solution… and you can send messages out to candidates as well via our Media Services. You can also do this if you have your own Email Service Provider because you export the data. We can help you create media campaigns both through social, mobile and email as well.  

No. We will build career landing pages for all of the major social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Google+. We can assist our with the creation of LinkedIn Company pages and recruiter profile pages as well.

Yes. Each Core client has a dedicated SourceMob Account Manager available live during normal business hours. We do not have a ticketing system so you connect directly with your Account Manager. This individual’s job is to engage with you directly and bring resolution to any questions you many have. This person or Team can provide training your internal Team. Our HIRED solutions also have Account Teams to help with customer service questions during normal business hours.

SourceMob solutions are sold via a monthly subscription fee and on a per user basis or license. The more users you need licensed, the lower the cost per incremental user. SourceMob has additional user packages that scale along with your business.

Depending on the recruiting solution you select, there may be an implementation fee. These fees are typically a one-time-only payment.

Yes. Customization included in the core solution price as part of your implementation fee. We build your solution on what we consider to be “normal” customization. If you want additional customization over what is considered “normal,” we charge only $150 per hour. We also provide an estimate prior to doing any work. All customization is approved by the client before any changes are made.

We have several levels of analytic reporting. We provide On-demand, Trend Reporting and our well recognized, Return On Recruiting Investment solutions (RORI). . . We track many Key Performance Indexes (KPI’s) on a monthly basis and meet with our Core clients monthly to review their programs analytically. We also report career data in real-time and all data may be exported by CSV files. That means, you own your data.

No. LinkedIn does not allow a direct connection to their service. As you know, LinkedIn in the business of selling job posts. However, through our HIRED platform you may post your jobs directly into your LinkedIn timeline and into your LinkedIn groups.

Our contracts are yearly. Assuming you have fulfilled your financial contract, we will simply end our relationship. You will be enabled to keep your data through a download process (which is available to you on-demand).

SourceMob is a global company with clients around the world. We deliver our information in multiple languages. Our platform scales with your business needs.